John J Tanner - Lawyer
Seasoned, Well Respected Personal Attorney Who Follows Through!
Criminal law
One of N.E. Oklahoma's highest Credentialed in:
  • Divorces in which Important Assets are at Stake
  • Wills, Real Estate Trusts, Conveyances and Probate
  • Plus an Impressive Criminal Defense Success Record
tulsa, Ok
Call to set an Appointment for a no cost, in-depth analysis of:
  • Where You Are
  • Where You Want to be
  • How long and projected cost to get You There
Criminal law
Wrongfully accused?  I can help.
The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – I am here to help you find answers and solutions. "I AM READY TO GO TO WORK!"
tulsa, Ok
Put my experience to work for you
Author John Grisham commemorates Mr. Tanner’s criminal defense expertise in his world-wide distributed book, "The Innocent Man".